Houston with grandson Henry Morgan, age 4, on LK07 Fame

McKenzie Land & Livestock is a family owned and operated enterprise. We have ranched over 120 years at our location in Pecos County, Texas and currently have the 4th generation actively involved in agriculture production. We are both seedstock and commercial cattle producers; running primarily Angus and Angus cross cattle.

We believe in choosing performance based genetics to create efficient cattle with increased performance in the feedlot and carcass value. By incorporating top performing sires we are able to give the commercial cattleman the assurance that our bulls will be easy calving and sire fast growing efficient offspring. We also focus on the maternal ability for our cows to be able to have calves and grow them out in the hard country and STILL breed back. We are also commercial cow producers and feed a lot of our own cattle out and know the importance of having an efficient calf in the feedlot. To sum up our program ; we are working to produce Angus cattle that are raised in West Texas that have the excellent genetics, are gentle, hard footed, and adapted to our environment. “Tender Hearted not Tender Footed Bulls”